Our Inspiration

Late Shri. Dadasaheb Kannamwar
Ex-Chief Minister

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ESTD : 1984
Village Uplift Society's

Annasaheb Gundewar College

(Affiliated to Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur)
AISHE Code : C-18880 ; ISO 9001:2015 certified
Gundewar Marg, Katol Road, Chhaoni, Nagpur - 440013 Maharashtra
Re-Accredited by NAAC (3rd Cycle)
Listed u/s 2f & 12(B) Act of UGC, New Delhi

Our Inspiration

Late Shri. Annasaheb Gundewar


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Improvement Courses

In order to improve academic grade of students and provide counseling to the students for various problems faced by him / her, in addition to the regular degree programme, the college organizes improvement courses to the students in the form of Bridge Courses, Remedial Coaching, and Mentor-Mentee Scheme.
Bridge Course is a linking course which links the knowledge acquired in the previous standard to the knowledge to be acquired in the upcoming standards or degree courses. A student entering into the first year of degree programme need to acquire some basic capabilities in the forms of concepts, theory, approaches, which have not been taught in the previous standards. Every year, before commencement of the first semester classes, a bridge course is organized for newly admitted students. In order to bridge the gap between knowledge acquired in the pre-university level and the knowledge that would be acquired in the graduation, a bridge course is conducted. The bridge course assists newly admitted students to acquire subject knowledge with ease.
1. To provide basic conceptual knowledge required to complete degree programme successfully
2. To introduce the content of the degree Programme and its courses

List of Bridge Courses:
1. Bridge Course in English
2. Bridge Course in Marathi
3. Bridge Course in Political Science
4. Bridge Course in Commerce & Management for Science & Arts students admitted to B.Com. Degree Programme
5. Bridge Course in Sociology
6. Bridge Course in History
7. Bridge Course in Economics
8. Bridge Course in Hind
Students having diverse types of educational, financial and social background admitted to the students. They may be related to SC/ ST/OBC/ VJNT / other communities and of them some are slow learners, medium learners and advanced learners. Remedial Coaching is conducted for slow learners to reach up to medium or advanced learners and medium learners to reach up to the advanced learners. To improve the academic skills, knowledge and experience of students, Remedial Coaching classes is organized in the college apart from regular teaching classes to improve the performance of the slow learners and medium learners.
1. To develop the performance of the students
2. To identify the difficulties faced by the students in acquiring academic knowledge
3. To improve subject knowledge

List of Remedial Coaching:
1. Remedial Coaching for History
2. Remedial Coaching for Sociology
3. Remedial Coaching for Political Science
4. Remedial Coaching for Economics
5. Remedial Caching for Commerce and Management
6. Remedial Coaching for Marathi
7. Remedial Coaching for English
8. Remedial Coaching for Hindi
While pursuing degree programme, students face a number of problems or difficulties in academic as well as non academic fields. They need to solve the problems but doing so proper counseling and guidance is necessary. Proper Counseling, Guidance, Directions, suggestions, advances and instructions are provided by introducing Mentor-Mentee Scheme. Mentoring is a process of providing proper counseling in academic and non- academic fields in order to remove difficulties faced by the students.
Under Mentor-Mentee Scheme, Each faculty member is allotted a specific number of students ( 25 to 30) to guide, direct, suggest , advances and instructs the mentee ( students) to overcome their academic and other issues.
1. To identify the issues faced by students
2. To provide directions for solving the issues
3. To guide for improvement & development
4. To suggest possible ways of career development
5. To provide counseling on various aspect of developmental stages

List of Mentor-Mentee Scheme:
1. Mentor-Mentee Scheme for Arts Faculty Member
2. Mentor-Mentee Scheme for Commerce & Management Faculty Members